The monastery of Belle Fontaine

Panoramic view of the old monastery of Belle Fontaine
View of the monastery of Belle Fontaine

Situated in the very heart of the Sarthe region,

the Carthusian monastery of Belle Fontaine has been built in the beginning of the XVth century.

Up to the French Revolution, the monks of the order of saint Bruno have been living in Belle Fontaine. They produced their own wine in the wine storehouse, formerly located in the ground of Belle Fontaine.

Around the monastery

The walls all around the house, formerly called “the enclosure”, make the cloister of the monestary. The chapel is beside the main building, inside the cloister.

The country home “le Logis de Belle Fontaine” is a part of the former cloister where peasants lived centuries ago. The site has kept its authentic and quiet environment with a beautiful panorama on the countryside.

Since the French Revolution, many people have acquired Belle Fontaine, up to 2001 when it has been bought by the present owner. Belle Fontaine has been restored in 2005 and propose you a very comfortable and luxurious self-catering cottage, keeping its specific French rural character.